Faculty Directory

James A. Andrews, Associate Professor
Office: Ellis 210B
Phone: (740) 597-2104
E-Mail: andrewsj@ohio.edu
Neil Bernstein Neil Bernstein, Associate Professor
Office: Ellis 210E
Phone: (740) 597-2107
E-Mail: bernsten@ohio.edu
On leave 2011-2012
Tom Carpenter Tom Carpenter, Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities and Professor of Classics and World Religions
Office: Ellis 210D
Phone: (740) 597-2106
E-Mail: carpentt@ohio.edu
Lisa Carson Lisa Carson , Assistant Professor (part-time) and American Director for L’Année Philologique
Office: Ellis 220B
Phone: (740) 597-2100
E-Mail: carsonl@ohio.edu
collins-85x95 Brian Collins, Assistant Professor
Office: Ellis 210J
Phone: (740) 597-2103
E-Mail: collinb1@ohio.edu
Elizabeth Collins, Professor
Office: Ellis 213C
Phone: (740) 593-0392
E-Mail: collinse@ohio.edu
crawford-85x95 Cory Crawford, Assistant Professor
Ellis 213C
Phone: (740) 593-0392
E-Mail: crawfoc1@ohio.edu

Aaron Glaim, Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Ellis 210
Phone: (740) 593-4594
E-mail: glaim@ohio.edu

Steve Hays, Associate Professor
Office: Ellis 210C
Phone: (740) 597-2105
E-Mail: hays@ohio.edu
Lynne Lancaster, Professor
Office: Ellis 210H
Phone: (740) 597-2102
E-Mail: lancaste@ohio.edu
Loren Lybarger, Associate Professor
Office: Ellis 210J
Phone: (740) 597-2103
E-Mail: lybarger@ohio.edu
ON LEAVE 2013-2014
Jackie Maxwell, Assistant Professor (joint appointment: History and Classics & World Religions Departments)
Office: 455 Bentley Annex
Phone: (740) 593-4352
E-Mail: maxwelj1@ohio.edu
William Owens , Associate Professor, and Chair of the Department
Office: Ellis 210G
Phone: (740) 597-2101
E-Mail: owensb@ohio.edu
Ruth Palmer, Associate Professor
Office: Ellis 210F
Phone: (740) 597-2108
E-Mail: palmerr@ohio.edu
Tim Smith, Assistant Professor (part-time) and Reference Librarian
Office: Alden Library Reference Dept.
Phone: (740) 593-2634
E-Mail: smitht@ohio.edu